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Reader: The Academy Chapel is a beloved national monument, you crazies


  • Courtesy Air Force Academy

To Bill Sulzman ("AFA's opportunity," Letters, April 5), I always enjoy reading your views on religion. God bless you! As always, your views are against any image or institution having to do with religion, except your atheist religion, but especially Christianity.

Not belaboring this, I'll just comment on your specific views on the beautiful Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. You want the Air Force to step back and consider destroying this beloved U.S. national monument. OK, but wouldn't a better target be the Garden of the Gods? It would only take a few explosives to totally demolish it in a few seconds. And there are so very many other national monuments for you to attack, let alone our paper and coin money! You have your career set forever!

Please keep at it as I enjoy reading of the real crazies out there.

— Robert Marshall, Ivywild

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