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Reader: That's a recipe for ruin



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"Your donations are being used for drugs, marijuana and liquor and only enable people to maintain this lifestyle and ruin our city ("Trashed again.")

Yep! Just the other day, I was thinking to myself, "Self — I think today would be a good day to ruin this city. I got nothing else planned until my mani-pedi at 7 tonight, so I should have plenty of time for some real good city-ruining after lunch. Yep, yep, yep — what'll I need? Well, better take some fast-food wrappers. And some cigarette butts; that's always good for a hissy fit or two. Maybe a sledgehammer would be good... Oh, I can't forget the arrogant judgment; that's a real city-ruiner right there. And a total lack of understanding and compassion. Maybe some self-righteous indignation, too. Wonder if I can stuff all that in my duffel bag..."

— Paula George

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