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Reader: That crazy Kim Jong Un... Oh, wait



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That crazy Kim Jong Un. An immature, intemperate, unpredictable bully who delights in tossing out bombastic threats and angry insults. He with the insatiable appetite for attention, the aggressive response to criticism, the obsessive demand for loyalty, to the point of attacking even his friends if they do not serve his interests. Here's a man who has little familiarity with facts or truth-telling but thrives instead on fictions and show, the more ego-inflating the better.

He claims his countrymen love him, and stages rallies to entice their adoration, dutifully given. But he'll freely impoverish millions of them, while he and his collaborators live high, including many members of his own family. The nation's interests come second to his own. Nonetheless his high-ranking loyalists bend readily to his will, not daring to challenge him, for they know such subservience may be needed to safeguard their positions. Thank heavens we don't have such a sorry state of affairs in America. Oh, wait a minute...

— Ken Burrows, Colorado Springs

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