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Reader: Thank God Senators followed their moral compass




As with Donald Trump's election win, Judge Kavanaugh's confirmation is another watershed historic event. The senators on whom Judge Kavanaugh's fate depended refused to allow mob rule nor the unconscionable smears of a superbly qualified, morally upright man to prevail.

Unfortunately, the depraved inquisition of Judge Kavanaugh, orchestrated by a sleazy and unprincipled coterie of Senate Democrats, has defiled and embarrassed the nation. Regardless of one's political ideology, scurrilous Democrats have undeniably stooped to a new and shocking level of vileness and deceit. The radically leftist zealots on the Judiciary Committee have wantonly disregarded two of this nation's sacrosanct principles, namely the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.

Without a scintilla of credible evidence, Democrats did their utmost to disparage and destroy the reputation of Kavanaugh and by extension, his family. They have done so to ensure the leftist tilt of the Supreme Court. The left, after all, often uses the courts to obtain what they cannot win at the ballot box.

Come November, I hope all Americans will see the Democratic Party for the despicable and virulently anti-American organization it has become, and vote accordingly. It is now a radical party that cares more for illegal immigrants, recalcitrant refugees, abolition of the Second Amendment, and abortion on demand than it does for the rights of loyal, law abiding, tax-paying American citizens.

Thank God that the senators who voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh opted to follow their respective moral compass due north. We stand today a better nation for it.

— John Fracassini

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