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Reader: Thank you, Mayor, for all the traffic



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See all that red on your phone's map of I-25 north? The slow traffic? That's your mayor, the traffic engineer and the city of Colorado Springs at work — or not.

There was an accident at the Rockrimmon exchange construction site this past Sunday when there was no work going on. If you are going to affect traffic flow on the interstate, do the work 24/7 and get it done!

This causes overflow traffic to back up on peripheral streets. How much do we spend on the police, paramedics and ambulances to respond to accidents around these slow-downs? That cost must pale compared to the injuries suffered by those in car crashes. And then there's the cost of motorists' time (and wasted fuel) while they sit in traffic. Construction is necessary, but, again, do the work 24/7 and get it done!

— Michael Strait

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