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Reader: Thank you for sharing the power of our local artists



Thank you Alissa Smith for your feature about Abby Kreuser and her show, Lucere. For those who didn’t make it to the opening, get to the show at the Manitou Art Center as fast as you can! The experience is life-changing.

I wept as I took in the exceptional experience that Abby has created for our community to enjoy. A beautiful soul, our dear Abby, who longs to show and share and bring beauty to the community, has created an experience unlike anything we have ever seen. The act of creating art, by sharing other artists’ work and thoughts, is one of the most original and circular acts imagined.

Thank you Abby for holding up these amazing artists, for sharing the beauty of their existence, for the careful and powerful arrangements of their words and pictures on a page, for your tireless effort that led to this incredible display, and for the love and light you bring to life for these artists. For each of us! Right here in our little 719. More than 100 artists. Featured quietly, beautifully, yet so powerfully. Wonderful.

— Stacy Poore, Colorado Springs

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