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Reader: Tax returns are a great place to start


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Reader Jack Terryah ("Whiners and failures," Letters, April 26) deserves an answer to his question, "Who cares how much taxes Trump paid?": You should.

He states in what I assume is a reference to Mr. Trump, "It takes gumption and resolve to succeed in life."

Tax returns are an indication of moral character, a statement of commitment to the nation, regardless of who's in office. Tax resistance is a form of protest. Tax avoidance (legal or otherwise) is a prioritization of self-interest over civic duty. What can be said about a person who brags about gaming the system he's in charge of?

The Trump 1040s are not simply a matter of character, however. In just three months racial tension in America has risen to a point not seen since April 1968; and our military faces two new wars being planned by conflicting camps within the executive branch who aren't speaking to each other. Meanwhile, the commander-in-chief sits behind the most important desk in the world Tweeting petty annoyances as if he were a spoiled 12-year-old girl trapped in the body of a spoiled 16-year-old boy.

If we want the rest of the world to continue to look up to the United States, we need leaders we can look up to. Unfortunately, we have someone who treats facts as if they were as interchangeable as mistresses, and has yet to learn "Because I said so" no longer solves every problem. I'd like to believe the president has quit his 70-year addiction to the monomaniacal pursuit of self-interest cold turkey, and can put the nation's business ahead of Trump Inc.'s, his shadowy foreign backers, etc. But I want proof.

Tax returns are a good place to start.

— Rev. Gary Glover, Colorado Springs

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