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Reader: Stop condoning creekside campers




Kudos to City Councilors Tom Strand and Merv Bennett for championing the ordinance that prohibits camping within 100 feet of a public waterway! Also, kudos to Jerry Cordova, the Colorado Springs Police Department's HOT Team and Dee Cunningham of Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful.

There has been a lot of illegal creekside camping for a long time, with the accompanying mounds of garbage and filth. Thanks, Indy, for printing a picture of one of the countless mounds of garbage littering our fair city. I wholeheartedly support these folks for trying to keep our city safe and beautiful. The ACLU is involved, but why? We should be trying to get rid of the garbage and the people that cause it, not allowing or condoning this behavior. If we all discourage streetside begging, outlaw illegal camping and public littering, the offenders will find a more hospitable town somewhere else.

— Bill Walters, Colorado Springs

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