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Reader: Sky Sox drop the ball(s) with name contest




It's bad enough that we're trading a championship-quality AAA club for what will be essentially a semi-pro organization, but "happy campers?" That's for a group of Cub Scouts.

"Throttle Jockeys?" Colorado Springs "Chronic Masturbators," more like.

"Lamb Chops?" "Hello fans and welcome to 'Mint Jelly' night."

"Punchy Pikas." Pikachu! We can run around the stands looking for toy parasites with our phones.

"Rocky Mountain Oysters?" Where do I begin? If there is anything I want to root for, it's the Fried Testicle Eaters of Colorado Springs.

Please tell us that there are some real names on a real list that's coming out soon.

— Melanie Anne

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