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Reader: Retiring Drake is doable, and we should demand it




I was so grateful to read the editorial in the Feb. 6 Indy. We truly needed to have a succinct, yet detailed accounting of the Neumann System's disastrous scrubbers saga. Not only was the cost override obscene, the scrubbers are finicky, don't do all we were promised they would do, and they go offline periodically, with serious air quality and health impacts to our most vulnerable community members. I applaud the Editorial Board's call for the community to be notified whenever the scrubbers go down. I am even more motivated to see that this cranky, old, coal-powered plant is retired ASAP — no later than 2023. This is not a pie-in-the sky wish; it is totally doable, and we, Utilities ratepayers who care about the quality of life in the Pikes Peak region, should demand nothing less.

— Robin Izer

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