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Reader: Republican legislators sure are protecting the weak among us




I would like to thank the Republican legislature for bravely voting to protect the free market by shielding vulnerable companies like Wells Fargo and Equifax from the possible burden of liability for the damages that result from their actions. How can private companies focus on shareholder returns with the threat of consumer retribution for their actions that result in harm hanging over their heads?

I am sure we can all agree that greed, incompetence and outright stupidity are not reasons to punish a company that may have sold you something without your knowledge and then penalized you for not paying for it. Surely we can agree that Equifax should not be held accountable for lax security that resulted in the loss of sensitive information for more than half of all Americans. If America is to prosper, we need to protect the most vulnerable, fragile and delicate multibillion-dollar companies from the vindictive wrath of wronged citizens.

Again, I applaud the Republican legislature for their brave and courageous vote to protect the most vulnerable among us.

— Amy Sylvain

Colorado Springs

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