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Reader: Regional Building Department needs to do better




Please see the excellent article by Faith Miller in last week's Independent.

The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (RBD) is failing our community. They made an arbitrary (and frankly, puzzling) decision many years ago to forgo any new building inspections beyond 5 feet of the building entrances. This has left developers, owners and businesses to be unaware or indifferent that they may be violating federal laws for their parking lots, sidewalks and exterior path-of-travel. This has left businesses exposed to costly ADA lawsuits and, more importantly, a loss of business from customers who are unable to park and enter.

RBD's response rings hollow. They claim they don't have the money or staff to spend an additional few minutes to confirm exterior elements are in compliance while at the same time they are on-site for all the final inspections of the building's interior elements. (Note: RBD currently carries $10 million in excess reserve funds!) The seven municipalities who contract with RBD must demand they do better and ensure the new buildings in their jurisdictions meet all federal and local requirements. Anything less is unacceptable.

— Patrick Going, past director Rocky Mountain ADA Center

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