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Reader: Progressives want to steal America as we know it




Larimore Nicholl and other progressive Marxists who love the Indy and basically run the Democratic Party these days, want us to look to the Land Down Under and how perfect they are now that its citizens can't own [semi-automatic rifles and certain categories of shotguns]. They can't own guns because The State (in this case being Australia) passed a law saying so. Australia does not have a Bill of Rights like America does, and thus their government can give rights and take them away as they see fit.

The progressives here in the United States will for sure make an attempt to try similar gun-grabbing laws, but as historian Varad Mehta pointed out in a piece that he wrote for The Federalist in 2015, an attempt at Australian gun laws would not just be an attack on the Second Amendment but the Fifth and Sixth Amendments as well. With a Bill of Rights protecting the armed citizen, gun confiscation would be an act of civil war in America.

The only way for the progressives to get what they want here in the United States (especially a disarmed society) is to successfully steal America as we know it and replace it with a government that is not of the people.

You may not believe in a God, but there is a good reason behind the concept of "God Given Rights." 'Cause if Nicholl and his kind were in charge of rights, watch out. You might lose your right to live if they hate you so much that you must be executed to make themselves feel better and at rest.

— Don McCullen, Colorado Springs

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