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Reader: Politicians hate direct democracy




I love that Coloradans utilize the ballot initiative process effectively, so that they can develop a legal work-around of their state legislature (The Wire: "Seven initiative petitions," Aug. 8). Politicians hate direct democracy because it bypasses their corporate-influenced authority; it's a little too "we the peoplish" for them. I say to hell with them. And to hell with their pals, the privileged elite. Colorado has also — and has used — their ability to recall politicians as well. This is a huge deal.

While I lived in Colorado when I was young (thank goodness), my family returned to the Deep South when I was 12 (I guess you can look on it as a learning experience). As I became an adult and began building my life I realized how important it is for citizens to have forms of direct democracy, which is much less common in the South. In Alabama, where my family is mainly from, politicians, religious leaders and the privileged elites often peddle it as "socialism" — and I'm not joking. If you think I'm kidding, then get this: Bernie Sanders was painted as a communist by the political "leaders" of the state, and people bought it.

Just look at this list of states where direct democracy is in place ( If you notice, Colorado, California, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Oregon are among the most democratic states in the country. And they are all... drum roll... located in the western U.S.!

Please don't ever let Colorado go down that bigoted, narrow-minded path. Trust me, living in a place where citizens have access to direct democracy is wonderful. Don't let the corporate and government propagandists fool you.

— John Foster

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