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Reader: Our health care situation is not normal



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By now Sen. Cory Gardner should understand that the Republican health care bill is a betrayal of millions of Americans who have coverage under Obamacare. The bill is undeserving of his support.

He was not elected to protect corporations that spend hundreds of millions financing campaigns and lobbying lawmakers. He should work with Democrats to take the profiteering out of the equation.

Our situation is not normal — most advanced industrialized countries have some form of universal health care. This means Gardner has many functioning models to study, adapt and modify to normalize America's health care situation.

It's time for him to demonstrate his independence from the Cult of Conservatism. We don't want dozens of unfamiliar new types of policies pitched to us by greedy salesmen. We don't want an expanded individual market; we just want health care.

I don't expect Gardner to abandon his free market ideals, just to acknowledge that there are some things that the free market can't and shouldn't do; that providing universal health care is one of the things that governments all over the world normally do for their citizens.

— Doug Holdread, Trinidad

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