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Reader: Our democracy has become a reality show




In November 2016, 63 million Americans decided that running our country like a reality show was a great idea. (Could it be that subliminal messages convinced viewers that a second-rate con artist parading as a real estate mogul was qualified to lead the most powerful country in the world?)

Admittedly, I have never watched any of the so-called reality programs that now dominate the television world. However, in the unavoidable seconds one is forced to watch before the remote can be engaged, obvious facts seep through: They are all peopled with the lowest form of humanity our culture has produced. After all, what intelligent being is willing to eat bugs and wallow in mud while half naked for all the world to see? Or prostitute themselves in the hope that they can seduce a suitor of equally questionable character into choosing them over the other would-be brides?

Who could've guessed that not only our culture, but our democracy would be imperiled by this sleazy form of entertainment?

— Jerry Newsom

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