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Reader: Now things are rolling




I applaud the city's Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Services department for using new funds to develop trails. I don't really need the paved trails, dirt is fine, but paved trails are nice for everyone. The Feb. 21 issue of the Indy ("Closing the loop") shows a few improvements in the works — linking the south end of Shooks Run and Pikes Peak Greenway, which is only passable today by carrying a bike while climbing.

Also developing the Rock Island Trail from Popcycle Bridge to Paseo. The Midland Trail through Old Colorado City was built a long time ago, and then the homeless folks came, with their makeshift shelters and piles of garbage strewn about. It's ironic that between Popcycle Bridge and Shooks along the railroad track, there are already dozens of "campers" and mounds of garbage, all that's needed now is a nice trail!

— Bill Walters, Colorado Springs

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