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Reader: Mr. Trump, take a page from my book



The Art of the Deal was Trump's book, but he needs to take a few pages from mine — The Art of Turning Situations Around.

Trump needs a sick mind like mine in his corner. I have been losing a little sleep, so I quit counting sheep and started counting Russians — it works! If I were in Trump's shoes, the country would start seeing Russians behind every bush. That's bush, not Bush as in 41 or 43.

I would start an all-out Russian reverse-immersion program. I'd have one of my kids start a Russian travel agency and tour service between Washington and Moscow. I'd have Russian entertainment twice a month in the White House or on the grounds. Start with the Russian Ballet and go from there.

Invite Putin to play golf once a month in Florida or go over there to play with him. Find a highly placed leaker and feed stories to him that are plain unbelievable, then out the person at a news conference. Yeah, set him up!

Point is, (and I know this is a bit absurd) a large part of this country is weary of the whole Russian bit but it is working to slow the Trump agenda down as the Democrats see it. But when the whole country starts seeing Russians under every rock, a Democrat won't be able to get before a microphone without being laughed off the stage and out of office in 2018.

Call me crazy, but that's how I see it. Getting late and it's time for my vodka nightcap — this Russian's for you!

— Len Bentley, Colorado Springs

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