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Reader: Millennials don't know what to do with power, or don't care



I'm a baby boomer born in 1946. Old, white, male and liberal. I've voted in every midterm and presidential election since coming of age, and in most local elections. Being a history buff I understand the price that has been paid that allows me the right to vote. About 2.8 million Americans have died in our wars combined. Many more millions have been wounded. But, alas, we boomers are now in the minority as millennials now outnumber us. Millennials now have the power but they don't know what to do with it or don't care. If only millennials voted in ALL of our elections they most certainly would have the power to alter the scope of the entire country. Instead they alter elections by not showing up. So what's the disconnect here?

No skin in the game? Less than 1 percent of our current population has served in the military. Compare that to WWII when 12 percent served. There's a growing distance between Americans and the sacrifices, that price of freedom that today gives them the right to vote. Just ask a millennial what he/she did on Memorial Day. Then again, can we really hold millennials accountable for not voting? Perhaps my generation, myself included, failed to properly educate our children. As a kid I had to take a civics class to learn about citizenship, its rights and duties and how it all worked. It seems like that has disappeared from today's curriculum. At least that's what my grandchildren tell me.

Only half of millennials voted in the 2016 election. Even worse has been the disturbing trend that only half of those millennials who do vote in presidential elections vote in midterm elections. They just don't get it. All throat and no vote.

So here's what we could do. Allow millennials to sell their voting rights. They could use Etsy storefronts to fetch a good price. I can envision blocks of millennial votes for sale on eBay. Or perhaps candidates should be allowed to offer free cell phones to young voters in exchange for their vote.

Or maybe millennials should have to earn the right to vote by having a certain number of likes and shares on Facebook. Maybe a political ticket of Lady Gaga and Jay-Z?

Then again, it may take something as simple as giving each millennial a trophy just for participating in the voting process.

Let me put it this way. TBH I don't mean to throw shade, and yeah, I'm a sus sort of guy, but I know I'm on fleek with this non-voting millennial stuff. RT

— Glenn Perry, Colorado Springs

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