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Reader: McConnell doesn't care for the people he represents




During President Obama's final year in office, Mitch McConnell stated that as he was a lame duck president, the Senate would not allow him to fill the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, that the American people should have a say in this matter and the seat would not be filled until after the election. Now that Trump is under investigation for some very serious issues, the Democrats are stating that until Trump is no longer under investigation, he can't fill the position left by Justice Kennedy's retirement. McConnell is now saying the Senate needs to confirm the next justice before the midterm elections.

McConnell did not execute one of his most important responsibilities, as he told President Obama that he would not even consider a candidate Obama nominated. That is a clear demonstration of dereliction of duty. To not exercise or fulfill your job responsibilities because you do not want to, like a small child who does not want to do something and stands there holding his breath. McConnell's actions are nothing more than a temper tantrum. He demonstrates that he does not care for the people he represents. That's equally telling about the other Republicans under his leadership. Are each of them so beholden to McConnell or the GOP?

The Supreme Court belongs to all Americans. But with the growing number of theocrats influencing the elections it appears the Supreme Court and POTUS are moving toward a theocracy far from the secular Republic that allowed these people the opportunity to obtain their positions.

— James Shumaker, Colorado Springs

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