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Reader: Maybe I'm just another "DREAMER"




Wasn't it the famous New York Yankee Yogi Berra who said "It's like déjà vu all over again"?

This quote resonates with those of us who are descendants of Mexican heritage and who have memories of the repatriation period during the Depression years of the '30s and the importing of Mexican labor during the post-World War II era. Just turn the clock forward a few decades and you have the same "blame it on the immigrants" rap for our economic woes, when all they have ever done is give of their blood, sweat and tears to help build America. All they received in return was scorn from an ungrateful and indifferent American society with racial attitudes and prejudice. In fact these people "longing to be free" gave more than they received because they could not then and are still not able to benefit from the taxes they pay in to our public coffers.

Most people in denial or historically challenged will dismiss these truths, but those who can think outside their own comfort and entitlement zone will grasp the concept more easily.

So here's the reality: The 87 percent who support DACA (including 50 percent of Republicans) are telling Congress to call for a vote in support of a DREAM Act. These young people having been brought to the U.S. through no fault of their own. They want nothing more than to contribute economically and militarily to the only country they've ever called home.

In a citizenry that espouses democracy, that 87 percent figure doesn't lie. Depending on your politics and where you live, this may mean absolutely nothing to you. I hope that Colorado can be considered a part of this national consensus... or perhaps I'm just another "DREAMER."

— Syl Arteaga, Pueblo

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