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Reader: Maybe I should go to Norway




Just when we thought that President Trump could not insult any more groups of people, he now insults whole nations.

We recall his insults against Mexicans ("drug dealers and rapists"), women (talk about my sexual harassment is just "locker-room banter"), gold-star families, former POW McCain, liberals, Republicans who don't agree with him, etc., etc.

Apparently running short of insult-targets, he gets off insults to Haiti, El Salvador and some African nations, calling them (street-lingo-for-feces)-countries. Wow. Then he says we need more immigrants from Norway.

Any citizen might want to escape El Salvador, which is partly run by deadly street gangs, and people are desperate to get their children to a safe place. Who wouldn't?

But why would Norway's people want to immigrate here? Norway has the highest quality of life in the world, according to objectively verifiable statistics from the World Health Organization. This is not opinion, but observable fact. Check it for yourself. International polls on "happiness" also call Norway among the most happy.

Americans like to think of themselves as "exceptional." Not true. World stats show America at number 10 in per capita income, 31 in longevity, 37 in access to health care, 41 in freedom of the press, and hugely number one in size of military budgets.

Someone will say, "Why doesn't Nicholl emigrate to Norway?" It's tempting. Either go to a better nation or stay and try to improve the nation you live in. So far, I choose the latter.

— Larimore Nicholl, Colorado Springs

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