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Reader: MAGA? How about "Make America's Geezers Assimilate!"



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As a fellow old white guy, I share the recent letter-writer's belief that our last election proved several right-thinking citizens voted for someone who promised a drastic change to save Our Country ("MAGA!" Letters, Sept. 5). Like others, I suspect that some of the people around him are fanatics who give him bad advice. And I don't believe that breaking up families or rounding up people and shipping them to remote warehouses and work camps reflects the Christian values of this nation.

But I also don't want to be kicked out of The Party, so I, too, will keep these doubts and opinions to myself. Just go on believing them when they tell me what I want to hear, and repeat their narrative when they give me my cue.

After all, I am a "good German."

(Flash forward 80-plus years and one continent west to Charlottesville, Virginia): "MAGA MAGA MAGA!!!"

Make America Great Again? My Ancient Gray Ass. How about "Make America's Geezers Assimilate!"

Or maybe next time you could just outvote us?

— Rev. Gary Glover

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