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Reader: Looking forward to a brighter future



I'm happy that citizens and grassroots won over special interests and dark money in the Colorado Springs city election.

I'm happy that candidates who represent the people won against candidates who are beholden to big business.

I'm happy we have new City Council members who were funded by hundreds of people and smaller donations instead of those who received just a few very huge donations from PACs and IECs.

I'm happy that candidates supported by dozens of tireless volunteers won over those who paid canvassers who didn't even know the candidates they were promoting.

I'm happy that Colorado Springs citizens cast their ballots for the candidates who choose the future over greed.

Congratulations to Yolanda Avila, Richard Skorman and Jill Gaebler for your victories and being able to work together! I look forward to a bright future for Colorado Springs!

— Karin White

Colorado Springs

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