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Reader: Leave the yard signs alone


Council Candidate Skorman holds one of his misprinted yard signs. - R.W. FIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY
  • Council Candidate Skorman holds one of his misprinted yard signs.

Some in the Cheyenne Mountain area continue to attack and destroy the ability of those of us who believe in American Exceptionalism and cherish our right to support our candidates. It especially pains me since I presently live in the CM School District, taught there for 31 years and sent my daughter to its fine schools.

I am 69 years old and have spent money and many hours working for my favorite candidate, Richard Skorman, throughout City Council District 3. Like others, I have taken considerable time to deliver signs to residents who support him. We all believe he is a terrific candidate. As the law allows, we have also placed many signs on public lands.

Many Skorman signs have been stolen, and worse yet, ALL the hundreds of signs placed on public properties in our area have been taken and destroyed overnight. This is the only part of District 3 where massive theft is happening.

It is my hope that all who love this continuing fragile experiment in self-government will join together to help stop these attacks on all of us and our property.

— Jonathan H. Reilly, Colorado Springs

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