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Reader: Leave the costumes at home and do something constructive



  • Nat Stein

Regarding the local coverage of the weekend rally/protest/whatever [Sunday's Solidarity with Charlottesville rally at Springs City Hall], evidently photos of masked men are popular, though I thought that went out with Zorro. Point being that wearing costumes to a rally unless it is Halloween or The Rocky Horror Picture Show suggests some level of immaturity and a need to play dress-up to be one of the big boys.

It also suggests that the person does not want to take responsibility for himself and his beliefs and prefers to try to intimidate and impress by looking like a terrorist.

Big whoopee — why not leave your costume at home and go out and actually support and work for your party, organization or whatever it is you allegedly espouse?

Actually doing something constructive would be much more impressive than playing dress-up; but of course it would require effort and critical thinking on your part, unless you want to state your position by throwing in a little looting, fighting or vandalism. How pathetic.

— Geraldine Russell, Colorado Springs

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