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Reader: Lamborn should have a town hall for childish liberals, then another for the adults



I attended Congressman Doug Lamborn's town hall April 12 at Stetson Hills Police Substation. I was aghast at the behavior of many attendees and their lack of education and facts. They were rude, spoke out constantly, yelled from time to time so loudly one could not hear what Lamborn was saying and were obnoxious.

One woman holding a small boy kept yelling so often that many asked her to stay quiet. Her reply: "I have my First Amendment rights to speak out." This rude woman didn't want to realize that her right stops where ours starts. We have the right to listen to our congressman without interruptions.

Most of these people were females filled with emotion and estrogen rather than facts. Some asked ridiculous questions such as, "When are you going to stop intimidating North Korea?" That brought a big laugh.

There were good questions asked. One man got a cheer when he asked why Congress didn't stay in D.C. and get things done. One cute little girl about 12 years old asked a global-warming question that got cheers. She waited patiently until she was recognized. She acted like the adult in the room, while many adults acted like spoiled children.

At future town halls, I wish our politicians would have security that would remove these obnoxious people. Not drag them out like United Airlines, but walk them out and keep them out so that we can all hear what our politicians have to say without having to listen to their uneducated options.

I commend Lamborn for having a town hall and suggest at the next break that he has one for the children in the room (liberals and activists) and one for the adults who have questions they want to ask without interruption.

— Helen Sabin, Colorado Springs

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