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Reader: Just go somewhere else




I am appalled by the number of homeless campsites along Monument Creek between 31st and Ridge Road along Highway 24. There must be 30 tents, along with all sorts of garbage strewn about, shopping carts, clothes, etc. It didn't used to be this way a few years ago. Old Colorado City was a pretty and respectable place. Now this is an area for free camping and trash dumping. It seems to have gotten worse the past two years, seemingly coincidental with recreational marijuana sales.

Colorado Springs Police Department has a Homeless Outreach Team, but there is still a large camping area in Old Colorado City. There are volunteer groups cleaning up the litter and garbage, but it continues perpetually.

The people that live in this area are not local. They came here because the city doesn't discourage it, drugs are plentiful and cheap, and locals give them handouts. They stay while the weather is tolerable, then move on to another town where there's easy pickings. If the city would crack down on vagrancy laws, drugs were not readily available, and locals stopped giving handouts, these folks would go somewhere else. I'm aware of all of the reasons for homelessness, and I'm sympathetic to their plight. I'm not saying don't be homeless, just saying go somewhere else.

— Bill Walters, Colorado Springs

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