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Reader: Is it time for a new game?



Senate Republicans have significant work ahead of them, as embodied in the Lindsey Graham tweet, "A bill — finalized yesterday [May 4], has not been scored, amendments not allowed, and 3 hours final debate — should be viewed with caution." Indeed, when the CBO analyzed the initial piece of legislation that Ryan spearheaded in the House, its effects were devastating enough to kill the bill before hitting the floor. [The CBO ( is set to release its estimate for the House bill on Wednesday, May 24].

Once again stuck in the historic glow of a prior Democratic president, the Dems continue to remind us of their failures during the primary election season when Nancy Pelosi declined the opportunity to include a single-payer system in the party's platform. They seem convinced that the Republicans will screw up so badly that they will regain power in the next election cycle, and history will once again be on their side. Shortsightedness and corruption mire any progress on either side of the aisle.

But what could be better than the policies ACA has put in place? The answer is clear, though politically fraught: Remove private insurance companies, and the options for designing a new system multiply. Sadly, there is no significant political will left in Washington. As we sink further into our own trenches, we forget that our leaders keep digging it deeper. So long as we continue to believe that others hold our power, we will sit in the bleachers, waiting for one team or another to win (or fail).

Is it time for a new game? What if each of us, all across America, decided to work locally to change our culture through engagement in the nonprofit world? With its more than 2,000 nonprofits, this city sure is ripe for real social change. What could you do to make it better?

— Anjuli Kapoor, Executive Director, Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Commission

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