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Reader: Indy's Nicoletta endorsement missed the mark




I was surprised to see the big-city Indy endorsement of the sitting mayor from the little village to your west (Endorsements, Oct. 11).

Your article summarized well our "troubles in paradise," so the Nicoletta endorsement seemed a bit off the mark. Her challenger, Ken Jaray, has been endorsed by five former mayors here and every sitting Manitou Board and Commission Chair.

We know our people. And when it comes to Manitou, journalistic awareness must be derived from partaking in the elixir of our small town ways, where we have a tradition of reaffirming leadership every two years. In my 41 years resonating with the Manitou buzz, disillusionment hasn't happened often but we like that option to correct course when necessary.

From our progressive foundations to the conservative watchdogs, we hope to sail on and reaffirm what many big cities wish they had never lost. Ken Jaray fills that expectation. Kumbaya baby.

— Dale Latty, vice-chair, Manitou Springs Housing Advisory Board

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