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Reader: I'm fired up



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As an Air Force veteran working hard to support my family, to volunteer at my church and to give back in our community, I don't think it's too much to ask for an economy that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few.

But it seems like big corporations and their fancy lobbyists set the rules and regulations that make them rich while putting working people on the back burner. Corporations and their wealthy CEOs are rewarded with tax breaks while we work paycheck to paycheck, our health care is gutted, our retirements are threatened and our workplaces are less safe.

I've had enough and I'm ready to make change. That's why I'm fired up and ready to put aside personalities and party labels to elect candidates who will lift up working families, rein in Wall Street and other special interests and get "dark money" out of politics. I've decided it's not enough to just vote myself, so I'll be working with my union to make phone calls, knock on doors and do everything I can do to convince others to vote so we can level the playing field for non-billionaires like us. I urge readers to get involved and make change, too.

— Ken Schauer, Treasurer, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, President, Colroado Springs Area Labor Council.

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