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Reader: I still have faith in our institutions




Is President Trump a demented tangerine? Absolutely. Has the time come to man (and wo-man) the barricades? Is this Chicago 1968? Should impeachment proceeding begin immediately? Absolutely NOT.

After reading Mr. Baynard Woods' "Our Institutions Will Not Save Us" (Cover story, Nov. 15), unlike him, I do have faith in our institutions. The Mueller probe will prove the Trump campaign's collusion with Russia. But what's waiting in the wings will mean serious jail time for the Trump: New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman's investigation into Trump's money laundering for the Russians. As every New Yorker knows, me included, money laundering and real estate have always been the Big Apple's power couple. So if people want to take to the streets, please let the million woman march in D.C. in January be your model. Disruption and getting thrown into jail is not only stupid, it's way too premature.

Sorry to disagree with you, Mrs. Obama, but when Trump goes this low, there is no high. Let Mueller and Schneiderman be the ones to step on his face.

— John Pansini, Colorado Springs

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