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Reader: hyper-militarization is fun for the whole family




In Response to: "Red Neck Revolt."

Title: Statement from HyME (Hyper-Militarization for Everyone), a 501(c)(4) A Leftist Gun Lobby Organization

Author: Chad Chøderson, CEO, HyME

For far too long has the family fun activity of hyper-militarization been limited to our Imperial army, police state overlords and pale, Breitbartian uncles. It's time to bring hyper-militarization to everyone on the left!

As the CEO of HyME, whose vision is "A thriving community built on the complete and total hyper-militarization of all human subjects," I appreciate the efforts by the wonderful folks of Redneck Revolt. And, as a former Defense Industry executive who believes that militarization is good for family and local Colorado Springs businesses like Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, I think that it's time that everyone jumps on board and gears up. Let's come together, and make this happen.

— "Chad Chøderson," Colorado Springs

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