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Reader: Hope Trump can learn the 'ropes'



I find the visit of President Trump to the Middle East to be quite interesting. For once he seems to be staying on track, most of the time, but then he goes off script and makes everyone involved uncomfortable. He tends to overshare on sensitive matters, evidently trying to absolve himself of past missteps.

Clearly his political learning curve leaves much to be desired. Even his political advisors can't seem to get a handle on him. He acts much of the time just as a petulant child would. Clearly his childhood upbringing was wanting. One can only hope that he quickly learns the "ropes" or we may find ourselves in deep trouble worldwide with dwindling allies, and in very dangerous situations.

Trump cannot go about creating more enemies abroad because of his loose lips. He should remember the old sayings: "Play your cards close to your vest." And, "engage mind before putting mouth in motion." Unfortunately, he seems to have a hard time doing them both.

— Bob Armintor, Colorado Springs

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