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Reader: Hate isn't welcome in the Springs




Jason Kessler was the organizer of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, which brought together alt-right, neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups. At the rally, a domestic terrorist drove a car into a group of counter-protesters, killing one and injuring 19.

Hours before that terrorist attack, Peter Brimelow, editor of the VDARE website, posted that the torchlight procession Unite the Right had held in Charlottesville the night before was remarkable. The VDARE site regularly publishes Kessler's articles.

VDARE is holding a conference at Cheyenne Mountain Resort next April. Following the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe said white supremacists were not welcome in Virginia. It is time for Mayor Suthers to say that VDARE is not welcome in Colorado Springs.

— Steve Waldmann, Monument

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