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Reader: Gender-cleansing our political landscape is essential




Thank God all this sexual harassment stuff is isolated to entertainment and politics. I guess we get the best of both worlds in one Donald Trump — a terrific role model for our children, especially our young boys. Our president teaches males how to treat women and the first lady shows females how important it is to tolerate it.

To all those who voted for Donald: Are these your values personally, politically, religiously? The winds of change are comin', probably as early as next year. Gender-cleansing our political landscape is an essential first step. We need to wrest control from white males who have dominated this country since its inception. Women of both parties are poised to get rid of the good old boys in the next round of congressional elections. Vote for them wherever you find them.

Imagine a country where women are the political majority or are at least on par with males. The vision isn't new. Back in 1868 at the Women's Suffrage Convention in Washington, D.C., Elizabeth Cady Stanton declared: "I urge a 16th amendment, because 'manhood suffrage,' or a man's government, is civil, religious, and social disorganization. The male element is a destructive force, stern, selfish, aggrandizing, loving war, violence, conquest, acquisition, breeding in the material and moral world alike discord, disorder, disease, and death ... the soul of humanity has struggled for the centuries, while mercy has veiled her face and all hearts have been dead alike to love and hope! ... The present disorganization of society warns us that in the dethronement of woman we have let loose the elements of violence and ruin that she only has the power to curb. If the civilization of the age calls for an extension of the suffrage, surely a government of the most virtuous educated men and women would better represent the whole and protect the interests of all than could the representation of either sex alone." Those same words could have been written today.

— Glenn Perry, Colorado Springs

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