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Reader: Free speech is for everyone except Christians



Concerning "Free(er) speech" (News, May 10), not surprisingly I find it very misleading. The writer, Nat Stein, talks about Deb Walker of Citizens Project as "a churchgoer herself" and "she disputes the premise that Christians are remotely silenced or persecuted in America."

Are you kidding me? First off, most people in Colorado Springs know that Citizens Project is not a "conservative" group. Secondly, just as there are liberals and conservatives, those on the right and those on the left, so this exists among and within churches.

Walker's statement reflects her group's worldview and leftist social construct. Secularists and the Left are actively pursuing the elimination of Christian beliefs — especially conservative, evangelical Christianity — from the marketplace of ideas. I work with a variety of legal organizations whose dockets are completely loaded with anti-Christian lawsuits: American Center for Law and Justice, Alliance Defending Freedom, Liberty Counsel, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, The Rutherford Institute, Thomas More Law Center, Southeastern Legal Foundation, Pacific Justice Institute, National Legal Foundation and Christian Law Association.

Today it seems "free speech" applies to everybody in America except conservatives, Christians or traditionalists.

— Rev. Thomas Pedigo, Colorado Springs

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