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Reader: Follow the money




There is little left to say regarding the horrible tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL, but we can look at Colorado's recent shooting history and then – follow the money.

With our public history of tragedies noted below, how can our elected officials take these sums of money from the NRA?

Is Sen. Cory Gardner proud to be right in the top tier of members of Congress by accepting $1,231,079 from the NRA? You are reading that correctly, well over a million dollars – and this is who is voting to protect the citizens of Colorado?

Call his office and let him know this is unacceptable and we will vote him out of office (202/224-5941).

How deep are our other representatives in to the NRA?

• Rep. Kenneth Buck: $800,544 (202/225-4676)

• Rep. Mike Coffman: $112,054 (202/225-7882)

• Rep. Douglas Lamborn: $32,560 (202/225-4422)

• Rep. Scott Tipton: $105,214 (202/225-4761)

These are direct contributions; not the money the NRA spent against their opponents. Follow the money, call and make your concerns known.

— Sandra Damm, Colorado Springs

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