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Reader: Elder is a disappointment




Perhaps instead of spending a chunk of his day abusing Indy reporter Pam Zubeck for reporting allegations that the Sheriff's Office violated the state's notary statute in her article "Law and Error" (Cover story, Nov. 8), Sheriff Elder could do his job more responsibly.

I have followed Zubeck's reporting for as long as I've been an Indy reader, and she is always diligent, fair, thorough and accurate. I'm incredibly offended at Sheriff Elder's belligerent behavior towards Zubeck for simply reporting the facts. Sheriff Elder and members of his office were given ample opportunity to respond to the article and its allegations and our leader chose instead to use a news conference to bully Zubeck and bluster incoherently.

What a disappointment and embarrassment to our county.

— Julia Randall, Colorado Springs

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