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Reader: Drivers, manslaughter is not on your bucket list



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I am writing to commend the city of Colorado Springs for its attempt at making downtown a more bike-friendly place. I cannot, however, offer the drivers of Colorado Springs this same commendation. Just this morning while riding my bike to work, I was nearly hit three times by three different drivers within one block.

The block I am referring to is Cascade heading south approaching Bijou. It seems that in spite of the incredibly clear lane markings, drivers in this town can't distinguish between the right-hand turn lane and the bike lane.

Let's see if I can clarify. The bike lane runs the entire length of the block. The right-hand turn lane occupies only the southernmost 25 percent. There is bright green paint that designates where this turn lane begins. It offers a warning. To cyclists this paint says, "This is the death zone, there will be drivers turning right onto Bijou; if you are not careful you will get hit." To drivers it doesn't seem to say anything as they have mostly been treating the bike lane as a right-hand turn lane from the moment they cross Platte Avenue.

So, drivers, check your blind spots, merge where you are legally supposed to, and just have a care, would you? I'm sure vehicular manslaughter is not on most of your bucket lists, but the way you drive, it doesn't show.

— Max Ferguson, Colorado Springs

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