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Reader: Dreams of Pikes Peak




Access to Pikes Peak, the cornerstone of our tourist economy, will be reduced for the next couple of years by the Cog Railway shutdown and the Summit House construction.

I suggest we use this down period to make a better future tourism experience. Here are my dreams for such: Construct an aerial tram from the present Ruxton Avenue terminus to the top of Pikes Peak. Such trams are used in many places for peaks far inferior to Pikes Peak. This would operate all year, provide tremendous views for passengers, be quiet and use relatively minimal power, and likely require less maintenance than a cog railway.

Convert the Cog Railway roadbed to a hiking path up Pikes Peak. Remove the rails and the cog rack, but leave the ties (à la the Manitou Incline). This could be used for competitive activities, as well as an alternative to the Barr Trail.

All this would converge at the top, where the beautiful new Summit House awaits.

While we are dreaming, why not purchase Hitch Rack Ranch and repurpose it as a hiking area? This could be much the same as Red Rocks Open Space and a further element in our area's appeal to both tourists and residents.

All this comes at a price, but in times past, public sector [Great Outdoors Colorado grants from Colorado Lottery funds], private foundations, and private citizens have demonstrated creative ways to make significant things happen. Let's make this happen.

— Jack Lundberg

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