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Reader: Doug Lamborn, you're totally out of touch with your constituents



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To Rep. Doug Lamborn: This letter is written in response to your notice to constituents about your introduction of two bills: HR 726 and HR 727 seeking to defund National Public Radio and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. In your publicity you refer to NPR and CPB as “superfluous.” That statement shows how totally out of touch you are with the accomplishments of these two stellar institutions, which have also served as a model for corporate and government partnership for the common good.

NPR and CPB have been staples of education to the public, legislators, as well as university and public school faculty and students for well over 50 years. As a teacher in District 11 schools I often use public broadcasting educational videos to enhance the curriculum agenda for students I work with. What your bill’s agenda is clearly set out to do is the ever-increasing “dumbing down of America,” in which insecure legislators like yourself and others do not want an educated populace to challenge or question what you are doing or not doing in Washington. But there is a heavy price that is and will be paid for that agenda.

Already the American populace is falling way behind the rest of the world in education fundamentals, which is, in part, why American companies look for better-educated workers from other countries.

You talk about diverting these funds to more military spending and “security.” The voters in this district do not want to see more money spent on the military and further involvement in foreign wars that we need not be involved in. “Security” is already weaker because of the president’s Muslim ban, which has only emboldened ISIS, Al-Qaida and our other enemies. Additional dollars are not needed, but common sense is.

We will be working quite diligently toward the defeat of these bills, and look forward to a change in our congressman in the next election. You remain, as always, totally out of touch with the needs and desires of the voters in this district.

— Nathan Kahn, Colorado Springs

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