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Reader: Don't let history repeat itself


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The frenetic attempt to repeal and reform the Affordable Care Act has failed. Now we must look to destructive actions by the Trump administration and Congress trashing existing protections of the nation's land, air and water, essential for human health.

More than a century ago, the uncontrolled onslaught of the Robber Barons threatened the natural resources and well-being of Americans. Not since then have so many anti-conservation, anti-public health proposals appeared.

Among many regressive measures planned or just enacted are: disposal of massive amounts of public land — national monuments and national forests; elimination of clean air and pure water protections; allowing mineral development of national parks and wildlife refuges; massive budget cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, land managers, and clean energy scientists. And perhaps worst of all, destruction of every positive measure in place to reduce climate change.

In survey after survey, vast majorities of Americans say they treasure our heritage of public health and the benefits of public lands, water and air. In Colorado, 74 percent of residents identify themselves as conservationists in the 2017 State of the Rockies Report.

For us, this savage attack on some of America's best assets is a nightmare. We can't let a new generation of Robber Barons return our nation to the bad old days of the 1890s.

— John Stansfield, Larkspur

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