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Reader: Don't feel bad for being duped




Regarding George Cook's letter ("MAGA!" Sept. 5):

Despite your and millions of other citizens' votes, Trump and a Republican Congress are doing none of the things they've promised. They have "drained" nothing, passed no immigration reform, and made only flailing, uninformed attempts at dealing with complex trade and security agreements that took years to put together.

Contrary to some people's beliefs, there aren't easy answers to most of today's issues. It's much harder to govern a country than run the kingdom of a corporation, but don't feel bad for being duped. We have all been swindled by a Congress that has done nothing in 10 years but raid the country's wealth with massive tax cuts for the rich, and allowed zealots to separate and cage kids at the border. Governing should be left to thoughtful, experienced people who care about the country, not a bunch of vultures trying to lay bare the bones of a nation so they can be picked clean.

— Max Clow

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