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Reader: Democracy needs an aggressive treatment




On behalf of the mob, I want to thank the goggle-eyed toad from Kentucky, as well as the other white male Republican fossils in the U.S. Senate. McConnell's partisan croaking, along with the bleating of the other GOP sheep, supporting Brett "I love beer, don't you?" Kavanaugh, has given an already energized Democratic electorate a great political gift: Even more motivation to eliminate the majority of the party that embraces sexual assault. Possibly, there were a few Democrats still undecided about the importance of showing up to vote, but on Nov. 6, Republicans will be swept out of their privileged positions of power in Congress like rat droppings from the basement floor.

The GOP has now institutionalized sexual assault into their party framework. Look at their standard bearer. More than 20 women have accused him of sexual misconduct. Of course, like the three women accusing Kavanaugh, they're just after money or fame or... wait, what are they after again? Remember the Clarence Thomas hearings? We now have two men on the Supreme Court serving under a cloud of suspicion regarding sexual impropriety. Well, it's time for the malignancy of the Republican majority to be excised. Trillion-and-a-half dollar deficits, border walls and sex pests. Like any other cancer, it will require aggressive treatment if Democracy in America is to survive.

— Greg Sauer

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