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Reader: Defund public media, it'll be fine




The Independent has published letters from defenders and/or fans of public broadcasting decrying Doug Lamborn's third attempt to pass bills defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting as well as NPR. These people truly act like the sky is falling when someone dares to challenge any of their sacred shrines, especially American public broadcasting.

Granted, some forms of public media would die out, but most major public TV and radio stations will do just fine.

Personally, I believe that while Lamborn could do better in perfecting his people skills, he is right on about defunding certain things that have proven can be well-funded by using only private funds. Most major public broadcasting gets funding from corporations and/or smaller companies and business, private foundations and more importantly fans of public TV and radio.

So why must taxpayers continue to fund government media of some kind? 'Cause everyone else in the world does, and you know how progressives love to use other countries to show we need to embrace a little more socialism in America.

Progressives hate the military (because they answer to our U.S. Constitution and not our government) and feel our government should be the function of enriching our culture. This is not what our founders envisioned. They envisioned a limited government that protects our liberties and freedoms and allows certain individuals to be able to enrich our culture.

Progressives just don't get it, and likely never will.

— Don McCullen, Colorado Springs

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