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Reader: Dear Gazette Editorial Board, care to report on this?


Councilor Jill Gaebler with a goat at City Hall (circa 2014). - FILE PHOTO
  • File photo
  • Councilor Jill Gaebler with a goat at City Hall (circa 2014).
Dear Gazette Editorial Board, As a former Gazette subscriber, who for many years turned to your newspaper for local coverage, I now cringe every time I read your editorials, which I come upon on occasion in the digital world.

In [one of] your latest editorials, you’ve decided to attack Jill Gaebler. And goats.

How about taking your foot off your mud-slinging gas pedal and giving your readers a break from your denigration of City Council candidates, including Gaebler and Richard Skorman, who “coincidentally” did not support the Broadmoor (whose owner also owns the Gazette) land swap deal, which was shrouded in secrecy before finally seeing the light of day shortly before City Council was asked to vote on it.

How low do you aim to sink? Skorman and Gaebler are upstanding citizens, known and respected for challenging the powers that be in their quest to represent and protect the rights of “we, the people.” Their efforts should be applauded, not jeered. Moreover, the citizens of this community are grateful to these brave souls for standing up to this city’s cronyism and questioning the wisdom of out-of-control development.

Most, if not all, Council candidates endorsed by the Gazette are backed by developers and, disturbingly, dark money. We must ask ourselves why the Gazette is supporting these particular candidates while being hellbent on smearing their opponents.

Jill Gaebler is in favor of addressing our serious infrastructure problems, growing our city responsibly, serving as a fair and objective voice for the people she represents, and holding our city officials accountable. Gazette’s editorial board, care to report on this?

— M. Shaw, Colorado Springs

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