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Reader: County Dems are underrepresented



So County Commissioner Mark Waller thinks Democrats have no legitimate beef that none of the five commissioner seats in El Paso County is occupied by a Democrat? Beyond that, not one district is even competitive for a Democrat to run in, much less win, and that has increased even more with the all-Republican Board of County Commissioners approving new maps that add lots of Republicans from Monument to District 3, which generally represents the Westside out to the county line in Green Mountain Falls.

Electra Johnson, a Democrat, came close to winning District 3 last November, and I guess this was just too close for comfort for the BOCC and Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman, also a former county GOP chair. The best way to address the Democratic threat is just to redraw the lines, adding precincts from heavily Republican Monument, all the while denying that there's any gerrymandering.

As one of over 90,000 Democrats living in El Paso County, I object to the fact that we have no representation in the governance of El Paso County. Some leaders, like Waller, think this is desirable and will offer all kinds of rationalizations to justify it. But perhaps if Democrats did have some representation and there was a bipartisan approach to governing, the community would benefit. For example, it was pretty obvious former Sheriff Terry Maketa was abusing his power, but county commissioners ignored it until it reached a crisis. Maketa's improper behavior is now costing taxpayers in court settlements and trial proceedings. Perhaps if there had been a Democrat county commissioner, he or she would have smelled "the rat in the henhouse" and stopped Maketa before he was allowed to become a liability to taxpayers.

— Cyndy Kulp, Colorado Springs

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