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Reader: Confidential CSPD source is doing the public a disservice



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I read with disgust the online article about the Colorado Springs Police Department and Chief Pete Carey.

Particularly disgusting is the anonymous letter from someone supposedly inside the department.

I hope this person isn't a sworn officer on the street upon whom one of our citizens may have to depend to protect them. He obviously doesn't have the courage to identify himself and stand up to try to improve the department. I know Chief Carey personally. I know he would accept constructive criticism when offered in the spirit of improving the department. I know he would seek to find ways to make things right. It is hard for me to understand why anyone would have to hide behind anonymity. This person not only has never walked a mile in Chief Carey's shoes, he/she hasn't spent 10 minutes in those shoes.

I know reporters can maintain confidentiality in sources, but this person is doing the citizens a disservice, either by not helping the department to solve the problems identified, or by casting doubt on a good man in Chief Carey. Either way, I give your article no credibility. Unafraid to sign,

— Don Addy, Colorado Springs

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