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Reader: Climate change isn't too big to tackle




We hear the term "climate change" mentioned frequently today. Anyone who has lived on the Front Range for more than 15 years can attest to the change in our precipitation and temperature patterns each year.

Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists agree that the changes we are experiencing are human-caused, butthe fossil fuel industry and its allies claim there is no scientific consensus on the cause. Casting doubt on cause and effect is an old strategy used by industries that stand to lose support or revenue because of negative consequences from the use of their product.

Consider the tobacco industry. A link between cigarette smoking and cancer was suspected in the 1930s and by the early 1960s there was no doubt that not only did cigarette smoking cause cancer, but that nicotine is addictive. Tobacco companies continued to cast doubt on the science until significant litigation in the 1970s forced policy change.

Consider that every developed nation on the planet — except the United States — has indicated support for cutting CO2 emissions, thus mitigating climate change, by signing the Paris Agreement. That said, President Trump has recently signed the 2018 U.S. National Defense Authorization Act that recognizes climate change as a national security threat, go figure.

This may seem too big to tackle. It's not. There will come a time when today's children will wonder why no one did anything. Don't let it be your kids asking this question. Join Citizens' Climate Lobby, a nonprofit with over 72,000 volunteers. We are working to get revenue neutral carbon fee and dividend legislation introduced in Congress. A similar plan has been successfully implemented in British Columbia, Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau is now working on a plan to go nationwide with legislation to limit carbon emissions.

Help move our country forward in this fight for your children's future. Visit or email our Woodland Park Chapter President Pati Turner at

— Andrea Storrs, Woodland Park

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